GPU price performance comparison

recently upgrade my gpu, and made some simple benchmarking for three cards: GTX 660, 1070, 1080
Benchmarking with training models:
Dataset used was 3Gb, 660 has 2G internal memory, 1080/1070 have 8G. Pricing is for used cards on ebay.

gpu time price cores
660 1978s $70 960
1070 807s $315 1920
1080 636s $440 2560

Here is ratio of the pairwise comparisons:

cards     performance cores price
1070/660  2.5         2     4.5
1080/660  3.1         2.6   6.2
1080/1070 1.3         1.3   1.4

Among newly released cards performance and pricing seem to be in accordance, but compared to old cards, new ones are much more expensive than the gain you get in performance. Maybe using larger datasets will make the differences more dramatic.

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