Great Depression
Jumbo shrimp
Cruel to be kind
Pain for pleasure
Clearly confused
Act naturally
Beautifully painful
Painfully beautiful
Deafening silence
Pretty ugly
Pretty fierce
Pretty cruel
Definitely maybe
Living dead
Walking dead
Only choice
Amazingly awful
Alone together
Virtual reality
Random order
Original copy
Happy sad
Disgustingly delicious
Run slowly
Awfully good
Awfully delicious
Small crowd
Dark light
Light darkness
Dark snow
Open secret
Passive aggressive
Appear invisible
Awfully lucky
Awfully pretty
Big baby
Tiny elephant
Wake up dead
Goodbye reception
Growing smaller
Least favorite
True myth
Typically weird
Typically odd
Naturally strange
Weirdly normal
Unpopular celebrity
Worthless gold
Sad joy
Liquid food
Heavy diet
Noticeable absence
Quiet presence
Short wait
Sweet agony

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